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All About the Crowphy


Like so many, you're probably wondering, how did the Crowphy get its name?

More than four  years ago, while celebrating the expansion of the Pirie-Mayhood Tower at the Celery Farm, several birders were discussing a new competition between Fyke and our arch-rivals, the Bergen County Audubon Society.

Someone said we needed a trophy to make the competition official, and I volunteered a metal crow that had been cleverly gathering dust on a bookshelf.

At which point Rob Pirie piped up: "Why not call it 'the Crowphy'?"

And the metal crow has been gathering dust on a BCAS  bookshelf ever since that first competition way back in 2015.

Darn you, BCAS!!

Herewith: All previous results.

2018: BCAS: 94, Fyke 80

2017: BCAS 95, Fyke 82

2016: BCAS 90,  Fyke 78

2015: BCAS 84, Fyke 80.