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Monday Mystery Answered!

IMG_4196On Monday, I wrote:

This milk bottle, donated to the Fell House by Stiles and Lillian Thomas, is from Allendale in the good old days. 

The dairy is Woodland Dairy. The bottle is a quart, In the middle is a big "R."

What does the "R" stand for?  (I do.)

Anybody know anything about the dairy, such as where it was located?

Hats off to Diane Louie, who correctly stated that the "R" stands for Rogers, "who operated the dairy on Boroline Road for 35 years until 1950."

Rogers' property extended into what is now the Celery Farm, east of Allendale Brook. What is now woodlands was once pasture. Stiles Thoams saw a bluebird fly to a nearby tree, realized they needed nestboxes, and proceeded to put them up all over northwestern Bergen County.

You can read my original post about Stiles and the pasture here.