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Monday Mystery Interpreted (?)

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On Monday, I wrote:

Another art-related mystery, courtesy of the excellent  Morris Art Museum in Augusta, Ga., which I visited earlier this month.

The painting above is entitled "The Sunny South," by an anonymous artist, painted during Reconstruction. You can see the painting online here.

I think that the birds in the painting (enlarged below) are a key to its meaning. Can you identify them? Do you think they symbolize something? If so, what?

Here's what I interpreted the birds in the painting to be, and to mean.

At first I thought the white birds were doves, but they just don't look quite right.

I think the darker birds are in the swallow family, but they are not quite Barn Swallows. So I am thinking the birds are purely metaphorical. The painting is of the Reconstruction era, and the white birds are still eating out of a bowl and trying to keep the dark birds away, forcing them to eat off the ground.  But that's just me.



My Wild Turducken Recipe for Thanksgiving

TurduckenBy popular demand, here's my recipe for free-range Turducken, which is especially cherished this time of year. I believe it is gluten-free. (Illustration by Miwa Couweleers. Thanks, Miwa!)

Roast  Turducken


1 Wild Turducken, plucked (12-16 pounds)

7 common taters

2 snake eyes, diced

4 Jersey tomatoes, drawn and quartered

3 cups extra-moist water

½ cup balsamic undressing

1 grain of salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Catch Turducken.