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Announcing a Weekly Birdy 30

IMG_9781Stiles Thomas, his family, and Patty and I hope to have a weekly Birdy 30 every Saturday this winter, and all are welcome to participate any week you like.

For those unfamiliar with the free contest, here’s what you do: Just look out your home or office window for 30 minutes straight before noon on Saturday, count the number of bird species you see, and then send your best 30-minute bird list to me by 9 a.m. the next morning.

The Birdy 30 is on the honor system, so please don’t get creative with your sightings. And if you see something unusual, please take a photo. I’d love to share them.

With the Birdy 30, you can pick a convenient time and window, have a cup of coffee, and chill.

Need to make a phone call or text somebody? No worries. Rainy or snowing? Try later. Skunked? Make sure your feeders are full and try again.

Rule No.1: Have fun.

First Prize: Bragging rights!