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The Monday Mystery Answered

IMG_1691On Monday I asked, "What's 'wrong'  with this picture?"

A couple of Peregrine-eyed readers, Tom Pollard and Michael Pollock, were quick to respond and combined to provide the right answer.

The photo -- taken Sunday at State Line Hawk Watch in Alpine, is of one of the resident Peregrne Falcins with freshly caught-in-mid-air prey in its talons.

On Tuesday, I asked folks if they could I.D. the prey by it feet...

The answer to that question is: Blue Jay. (A big shout-out to Diane Louie for giving the right answer!)

Below are the photos to prove it. Plenty of birders and photographers at the hawk watch can verify this.

But here's the kicker. This is just one small chapter in a much larger story.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Bird Watcher column of mine the explores that story.)

(Was I right? Was this the best Monday Morning Mystery ever?)