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October 2019

2020 Celery Farm Calendars For Sale!


A reminder: The 2020 Celery Farm calendars are here, featuring beautiful color images taken you-know-where.

Yes, that's one of Allendale's famous Red-shouldered Hawks on the cover. (Photo by Darlene Lembo.)

As always, the calendar is packed with holidays and locally essential dates.

As a special bonus, calendar creator Carol Flanagan has added another day to the calendar, Feb. 29! I can't guarantee that all other 2020 calendars have this feature, so best buy one of Fyke's. (Thanks, Carol!)

The calendars sell for $15 (U.S.) and are available at Wild Birds Unlimited on Route 17 South in Paramus and the Lee Memorial Library on Crescent Avenue in Allendale. (Thank you, Lee Memorial Library and Wild Birds Unlimited!)

The calendars will also be available at Fyke's monthly meetings (the next one is Friday, Oct. 25; not to be missed).

Celery Farm Update

IMG_4605 (1)
The recent rains have returned Lake Appert water levels to normal and flushed most of what I call kelp toward the Spillway. In the process of removing that.

High winds knocked down a tree and branches but nothing major. Still very windy and overcast yesterday afternoon, hopefully better today.

And the materials for the deer exclosure at the north end of the preserve have arrived. (Pix below.)