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A Nifty Webpage (or two) about John Fell

Phantoms for Ramsey Fell House
I just came across a webpage about Founding Father John Fell on the genealogical website 

My favorite line about Fell on the webpage:  Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 4.20.22 PM"The British feared him and our Founding Fathers adored him."

You can read the website's short biography of John Fell here.

You can read more about Fell on the Crossroads of the Amercan Revolution website here.

You can read Fell's secret diary (kept while the British imprisoned him in the notorious Provost Jail here (just do a search for "Fell").

The historic John Fell House's home page is here.

I am posting this as a "Happy Birthday" wish to my wife, Patty Finn, who helped save John Fell's  house in Allendale nearly a decade ago.