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September 2019

My New Column: Blue Jays

My new column in The Record is all about the amazing Blue Jay. Here's the beginning:

“Who could imagine that a form so graceful, arrayed by nature in a garb so resplendent, should harbour so much mischief -- that selfishness, duplicity, and malice should form the moral accompaniments of so much physical perfection!

                                              -- John James Audubon, “Birds of America”

Is any bird more misunderstood than the blue jay? This exquisitely plumed member of the crow family both fascinates and confounds.

Bergen County Audubon Society President Don Torino offeressome insights.

Photo above by D.M. DeSantis. (Thank you, Darlene!)

You can download the column here:

Download TheRecordBergenEdition_20190919_BL03_0