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Monday Mystery Answered

IMG_4209(1)Last Monday, Sally Teschon asked: What's going on in the above photo?

Two great answers from Diane Van Kempen and Janet Terchek.

Diane  said:

The milkweed aphids (Aphis nerii)and a monarch caterpillar are pigging out on milkweed. If you’re trying to nursemaid a caterpillar, these guys eat about 10 of those big leaves a day. That’s why you have to plant lots of them!

The milkweed aphids are also called oleander aphids. Down south, the oleanders are very prolific. They have a similar milky poisonous sap. I’ve never seen a monarch caterpillar on them, however.


Janet said:

Monarch caterpillar and milkweed bugs enjoying a meal?
Here is even more info on insects that feed on milkweed.