Can You Help I.D. This Bird Song?
Dowitcher still at CF as of 7 a.m.

Long-billed Dowitcher at CF w/pic

IMG_1400The pic is no bargain, but you can see the LB Dowitcher for I.D. purposes. Found by Fred Weber. (Thanks, Fred!)

Last time I saw a Dowitcher at the CF was when the Purple Gallinule was here, but those were Short-billed.

(According to eBird, some guy named Rob Fanning saw 50 Short-billed Dowitchers at the CF on May 22, 2002.

Also according to eBird, it is a new sighting for the CF -- the 256th species, but the number looks a bit squishy.

More about Long-billed Dowitchers here.

The compete eBird CF list here, theoretically.

(sorry for earlier typos -- typing as fast as I could.)

Will post again tomorrow if I see it in the early a.m.