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Monday Morning Mystery Answered

RealJamesBond_CVR(1)On Monday I wrote:

When bigtime birders see the cover of my upcoming book, "The Real James Bond," they immediately speculate as to what kind of bird's head adorns the nattily attired human body.

I've had a couple of suggestions already.

What do you think?

More about "The Real James Bond" here.

Two expert birders had offered their I.D.s before I posted. One thought it was a Flameback Woodpecker from Asia. The other said it was a Cuban Green Woodpecker. Carol Flanagan thought it was a Cuban Green Woodpecker as well. (Thanks, Carol!)

I think it is most likely another species of woodpecker, going undercover.

Shelter Island's Mashomack Preserve

If you get a chance to go to Shelter Island way out east on Long Island, don't miss The Nature Conservancy's 2,000-acre Mashomack Preserve, which takes up a good chunk of this old-fashioned island and includes one of the most picturesque meadows I've ever seen. 

 Informative Visitor's Center. Lots of birds, including Wild Turkeys, Ospreys, Great Egrets and migrating warblers.

Lots of migrating Monarchs and a few Common Buckeyes, too.

You can read more about the 2,000-acre preserve and 11 miles of coastline here.