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My Column: Red-shouldered Hawks Rebound!

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For the past few nesting seasons, the celebrated (and endangered) Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale and nearby Ramsey have done a disappearing act when nesting.

Many folks would see them flying with nesting material and (later) prey, but the whereabouts of the nest remained a mystery. I  looked high and low, to no avail.

Then I got a tip. The Red-shoulders had nested successfully once more.

The homeowners confirmed that the nest has been active the past few years, but asked that I keep the location a secret.

I have -- but I did write a column about it, in The Record's Better Living section today. I was also fortunate to get some photos of a parent flying from the nest and a nestling shortly before it fledged.

Their secret is safe.

You can preview or download the Red-shoulder column here:

Download Bird Watcher Jim Wright 082219 TheRecordBergenEdition_20190822_BL03_0

(With the help of a few birder friends, I did a free e-book about Allendale's Red-shoulders several years ago. You can download it here or read a hard copy at the Allendale Library.)

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