Soon: Big DeKorte Park Nature Walk
Monday Morning Mysteries 070819

Wow! What a Walk!

IMG_3429 (2)Here's a group shot of most of the folks who participated in the BCAS/NJSEA 10th anniversary walk today -- more than 30 folks by the time we got rolling.

Highlights included Least Terns, Forster's Terns with fish, and Osprey with fish -- not counting an escaped/released wedding dove.


*  A pair of male Ruddies with bills so blue they could have been painted.

* Several cool butterflies and a Snowberry Clear-winged Moth.

* A runner drinking/cooling off at the birdbath. (Just after the catbird. I got there too late to say anything.)

A big thank you to Don Torino for being the maestro all these years!