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July 2019

CF Butterflies & Moths Today

Fred's Field this morning featured both kinds of clear-winged moths (Snowberry and Hummingbird), several Viceroys and a Cabbage White that had the good sense to land on some beautiful yellow flowers.

Hummingbird Clearwing is above left.  Click image to enlarge.

The Butterfly Walk is this Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

Vulture Mystery Half-answered (Help!)

IMG_0278Monday's mystery was a two-parter. I think the first part was too easy, so no one answered the second...

Who dese?

Ever see them perch together?

The answer to the first question is a Black Vulture and a Turkey Vulture.

I had never seen just two of them perched together like this before, nor has Stiles Thomas.

Has anyone else?

Answering the Monday Dragonfly Mysteries

On July 8, I asked:

Can you identify these two dragonflies, photographed last week in Fred's Field in the Celery Farm?

It was the first I was able to photograph one of 'em.

Turns out I only got one right. Or maybe I got confused.

The guy on the left is a Halloween Pennant, seen frequently in Fred's Field by the Green Way entrance. The second guy I took to be a Red Saddlebags. But Joe Lafferty (who ID'd the Halloween Pennant, said the guy on the right is a Calico Pennant. (Thanks, Joe!)

IMG_0442And when I thought I was getting a better photo of what I thought was a Red Saddlebags, Denise Farrell I.D.'d it as a Widow Skimmer, which I usually see along Phair's Pond.  (And I thought skipper butterflies were hard to ID.!)

On closer inspection, you can see a difference. I guess the Celery Farm needs a dragonfly I.D, pamphlet. At least I do!