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Vulture Mystery Half-answered (Help!)

Answering the Monday Dragonfly Mysteries

On July 8, I asked:

Can you identify these two dragonflies, photographed last week in Fred's Field in the Celery Farm?

It was the first I was able to photograph one of 'em.

Turns out I only got one right. Or maybe I got confused.

The guy on the left is a Halloween Pennant, seen frequently in Fred's Field by the Green Way entrance. The second guy I took to be a Red Saddlebags. But Joe Lafferty (who ID'd the Halloween Pennant, said the guy on the right is a Calico Pennant. (Thanks, Joe!)

IMG_0442And when I thought I was getting a better photo of what I thought was a Red Saddlebags, Denise Farrell I.D.'d it as a Widow Skimmer, which I usually see along Phair's Pond.  (And I thought skipper butterflies were hard to ID.!)

On closer inspection, you can see a difference. I guess the Celery Farm needs a dragonfly I.D, pamphlet. At least I do!