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Amazing Dam-Removal Update

Columbia Dam_MG_8979

Several years ago, I took several shots of the Columbia Dam, on the Paulins Kill near the Delaware River, for The Nature Conservancy, which has spearheaded a project to remove the more than 100-year-old dam in an effort to restore the river to its natural glory.

It was a huge challenge, but a terrific partnership of government agencies and non-profts got it done.

Along the way, I took several aerials as well. Above and below are aerial photos of the dam I took a few years ago with the help of LightHawk.

In the first photo,

The dam is in the lower right-hand corner (part of it looks like a large house extending into the water). You can see how close the dam is to the Delaware River.


Columbia Dam and beyond_MG_8991
Columbia Dam and beyond_MG_8991On Wednesday, I visited the Paulins Kill and saw what incredible progress has been made.

Most of the dam has been removed. Shad and other fish are migrating up the river again. And native plants and thousands of trees have been planted along the 42-mile river. 

Bald Eagles were on hand for the small celebration.

Next up: Removing two other dams along the Paulins Kill.