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My New Column: Knitted Nests for Baby Birds

Bird watcher nest column
My column in The Record today is all about the knitted nests created for orphaned and injured birds.

It's an amazing story of ingenuity and volunteerism.

Here's the beginning:

Each spring, tens of thousands of orphaned baby birds nationwide keep warm in nests knitted by compassionate volunteers.

In North Jersey, the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital uses the homemade nests to transport everything from rescued baby flying squirrels and baby opossums to sparrows and other birds in need.

The Raptor Trust in Millington places crocheted nests on their sides to simulate cavity nests for baby wrens. And the Avian Wildlife Center in Wantage finds them especially helpful for very small nestlings or a bird in need of intensive care.

In fact, there seems to be no end to the uses for these human-made nests, created with washable yarn.

The story is on Page 3 of the Better Living section.

You can download a pdf of instructions to knit these nests by clicking here.