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June 2019

Butterflies Are Comin' In

I visited Fred's Field (at the Green Way entrance),  Phair's Pond, Parnell's Path and the Butterfly Garden in search of butterflies Monday morning.

Did pretty well -- including Monarch, Red Admiral,  skippers, Cabbage Whites and an azure. (Hummingbird, too.)

Another Monarch flitted about our native-plant-dominated yard when I got home.

Some pix herewith.


Young Celery Farm Artists

I recently received a lot of notes from Mrs. Jones' classIMG_2701

at the Temple Hill Academy  thanking me for reading my Celery Farm children's books to them. 

The most popular, by a narrow margin, was "Swan Babies." Go figure.

I am sharing some here, 'cause ...

Who doesn't like seeing kids connecting with naturee?