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Rescuing a Few Baby Terrapins

When Patty and I were doing some shorebirding along Delaware Bay last year about this time, we stopped by a waterfront residential area because the name rang a bell.

The birding was limited, so we left. As we headed back down the road parallel to the Delaware Bay, a woman in the car ahead of us stopped and got out.

We were perplexed as to what she was doing until she IMG_2564walked to our car and showed us what she had removed from the roadway: a baby Diamondback Terrapin. 

The woman was Larissa Smith of Conserve Wildlife Foundation, a wonderful wildlife biologist I've worked with a couple of times. She explained that these tiny terrapins cross this road every late May.

So Patty and I stopped by to see what was happening this year. A lot.

We helped save four of the little turtles -- including three that would have likely been crushed by a giant tractor-trailer headed for a marina. 

Alas, we found a few crushed little guys on the way.

There are plenty of Turtle Crossing signs, but I don't think most people who see the signs (or the baby turtles) realize they are trying to avoid terrapins the size of quarters.

A big thank you to Larissa for educating us.