High Mountain Waterfalls
'Turtles Crossing' Sign on Franklin Turnpike

My New Column Is About the Celery Farm

Celery Farm Meadow JWright
As I finish my 10th year of "Bird Watcher" columns for The Record, I thought it was time I wrote about the Celery Farm Natural Area IMG-0080 (2)(instead of just mentioning it frequently).

As I wrote the column, I thought about the reasons that make it special.

Those same reasons no doubt apply to other nature lovers'  cherished locale.

(Hint: It's not just the birds, like the Great Blue on the right that I photographed last week.)

The column is on Page B-3 of the Better Living Section today, complete with three photos and a sidebar on my new free ebook featuring 50 of my favorite columns over the past 10 years.  (see right-hand column of this blog for details.)