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More about that old High Mountain Arrowhead

High Mountain arrowhead
A couple of years back, I posted an item about an arrowhead I found one sunny Fourth of July on High Mountain. (The old nickel is included to show scale.)

I wrote:

I love to look for Chert, the type of rock that this arrowhead was made from, whenever I visit High Mountain, but I never expected to find an actual arrowhead.

In fact, I have looked for arrowheads ever since I was a child, to no avail. So a pretty good day.

The Lenapes wintered in High Mountain's Franklin Clove in the late 1600s, so I figure the arrowhead might have been one of theirs.

I asked local historian and arrowhead expert Jack Goudsward if he could provide more information about the arrowhead. His reply was unexpected.

"Your point is a Levanna type of point. It is made of Black Chert. Its date range is from A.D 700 to around A.D. 1350.  It is a nice point. Great find. "

(Thanks, Jack!)

You can read more about Levanna points here and here and elsewhere.