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Embroidered Art Featuring the Celery Farm & More

I regretted missing Kay Fialkoff's recent embroidered art exhibit in Fair Lawn. Here's the next best thing.

The above video features two of my favorite places  and showcases remarkable art.

Kay writes: "I've recently posted a video documentary of my 2018 art exhibition retrospective at the Pine Gallery that celebrates wetlands, Meadowlands, and woodlands including the Celery Farm, on Youtube. Would you able to post it so Fyke members can see it?"

Celery Farm: 16:29-18:31,  20:52-31:11

Glen Rock Park around the pond: 1:47-6:17  

Saddle River County Park: 9:50-13:42,   38:44-43:33
Hackensack River riverbank: 14:34-16:26
Ramapo Valley County Reservation: 31:14-35:31
Dunkerhook and Great Lord Park's Boonton Falls: 35:32-43:33
Dunkerhook and Fair Lawn: 43:34-55:35

Thanks, Kay!)