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Free 'Best of the Bird Watcher' eBook!

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Here's more information about "The Best of The Bird Watcher," a collection of 50 of my favorite columns in The Record and Herald News over the past decade.

The e-book offers columns on memorable birds -- from American Woodcock to backyard beauties. It also features great places -- from the Meadowlands and Garret Mountain to Doodletown and Olana.

The Best of The Bird Watcher" includes the expertise of many of the great birders I've interviewed over the past 10 years. And it includes photos by some of my favorite local nature photographers.

It's available as a free online e-book, complete with page-turning software, a search function that doubles as an index), and a Table of Contents that takes you to a column with one click.

The Best of The Bird Watcher" features a foreword by Bergen County Audubon President Don Torino and a design by graphic artist Mimi Sabatino.

You can view the entire e-book here.

And you can download a pdf to view on an iPad or other mobile device here: Download Best of the Bird Watcher Jim Wright

When you download it, just choose "Save PDF to Books" on iPads, for example.

I should also have a few soft-cover copies available but they are very expensive ($35 and $25) because of the limited run.

You can also read a hard-cover copy that I donated to Allendale's wonderful Lee Memorial Library. (They also have a copy of my book on the Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale and other books.)

Here are the online ebook links to columns featuring the following experts and interviewees, as they appear in the book. Just click on the name to go to the page.

Experts: Jennifer Kleinbaum, Hannah Suthers, Bill Boyle  (and Page 40), Mike Girone, Judy Cinquina, Fred Virrazzi, Keith Bildstein, Eliot Miller, the late Harold Feinberg, Sandy Komito, Pam Mistretta, Steve Quinn, David Johnson, Ramon Gomez, Ricardo Miller, Stiles Thomas, Patrick Scheuer, Nellie Tsipoura, Mike Limatola, Rick Wright (no relation), Don Freiday, Diane Soucy, Donna Pontrelli, Rick Radis, Chris Takacs, Doug Morel, Carol Weiss, Don Torino, Kathryn Schneider, Avi Gitler, Mark DeDea and Joan Burroughs.

Photographers: Roy Woodford, Jerry Barrack, Alice Leurck, Ray Gilbert, Fred Virrazzi, Susan McTigue, Steve Quinn, Antonio Gomez, Barbara Dilger, Joe Koscielny, Kevin Watson, Dennis Cheeseman, the Hartford Atheneum, David Contosta, Patrick Carney and Karl Soehnlein.