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A Bird Photography Walk at the Kay Center

Tree Swallows Kay JW 051819
I helped with a Nature Conservancy walk at the Kay Center in Chester today, and we were lucky to come across great birds a-plenty, even if they were often at a bit of a distance.

I promised I would post a few shots, so here they are.

Although the shot above, of nesting Tree Swallows, is of the commonest bird of the lot, I just love the story of the two birds feathering their nest. 

As I mentioned to the group, Tree Swallows love to use white feathers.  More about that here.

I also promised a link to my "Bird Watcher" column, which ran in The Record today. The column was all about the nifty (and free) birding app called Merlin. The link is here.

Below are a few more shots from the walk -- a male and female Eastern Towhee,  Canada Warbler in very weird light, Eastern Bluebird on his nesting box, and (in honor of the Preakness Stakes) a Baltimore Oriole  (click to enlarge).