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'Star Wars'-themed Stepping Up for the CF

Since this year's annual Stepping Up fund-raiser at the Celery Farm falls of May 4, we thought we'd add some "Star Wars" excitement for this May the Fourth (Be With You) event.

Anyone who sees a Millennium Falcon or Porg (above), for example, wins a prize. (A big thank you to Carol Flanagan for crocheting the Porg!)

To  sign up for a time slot or to register your team, contact the incomparable Gaby Schmitt at:
To make a donation or to pledge a per-species amount, please see the pledge form on page 8 of the Summer Newsletter (available for your reading pleasure at:
Many of you know that Stepping Up is The Celery Farm's Big Day, as well as our fund-raiser that will support the Celery Farm Pollinators this year.
As a special bonus, this year's date will coincide with Global Big Day, And the aforementioned Star Wars Day, "May The Fourth Be With You!",
Fyke teams will be birding the Celery Farm from dawn to dusk in two-hour shifts; you can sign up for as many shifts as you'd like. As citizen-scientists, we are conducting an inventory of all the bird species seen that day. Our count will become part of the Global Big Day effort.
Funds raised will be used to enhance the environment at Celery Farm for:
1. Butterflies and moths - We have a lovely Butterfly Garden that can always use some more plants, mulch, tools, etc. Maybe we could plant more Mountain Mint at Green Way as it seems to attract both butterflies and bees.
2. Birds - Efforts to control invasive plant species are ongoing. Success can be as simple as eliminating Multiflora roses to make way for Swamp roses, whose rose hips are a more desirable food source for birds and whose flowers are butterfly and bee magnets. Cutting invasive vines keeps them from strangling trees and shrubs..
3. Bees - We've talked about supporting bees, we would plant flowers that provide nectar for the bees..
4. Bats - We will be installing bat houses at the Celery Farm after consultation with New Jersey's Batman, Joe D'Angeli, to see where to place our existing bat boxes.
Please remember that this is also an opportunity for you to share or sharpen your birding skills and to have fun with fellow fans of The Celery Farm.