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MinkFest 2019 @ the CF!

IMG_9536 (1)So I'm walking down the east path along the Allendale Brook, and there's a photographer with a portable Hubble for a lens just ahead, texting on her cellphone. 

As I pass her, I cannot believe my eyes. A mink is scampering toward us. I move out of the way, and the photographer drops her cellphone so she can take a photo.

The mink hops into the brook, swims to the other side and then hops along the bank in full view. I am certain the photographer got some great shots, and I am happy though I wish I had brought my camera.

I have never gotten so good a look at a mink because they usually are headed in the opposite direction. I never noticed how much shorter their front legs are.

I keep walking and return home 45 minutes later. No mink.

I decide to walk to the Warden's Watch.  Coming down the path near my house  is the mink again. It gives me a wide berth and continues to frolic. I wish I brought my camera.

I return from the Warden's Watch and there by my bridge is the mink.

I go inside, get my camera, and take the photo above through my window.

All I can think of is that this is a young mink, oblivious to humans.

There have been a lot of mink sightings at the CF of late, so keep your eyes peeled.