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At the Environmental Fair, a Poop Talk

Links to Eagle Cam and E-books

Duke Farms e-book coverAs part of my talks at the Northern Valley Environmental Fair,  I promised I would post here all the links I discussed.

They include:

The Duke Farms Eagle Cam:

The Duke Farms interactive Bald Eagle e-book was designed by Mimi Sabatino and includes a ton of information about Duke Farms' Bald Eagles as well as the Bald Eagle's amazing comeback in New Jersey and beyond -- plus plenty of excellent links.

Also featured: Some great photography by Kevin Watson. 

You can view it here:

The Bald Eagles in the Meadowlands & Beyond e-book -- a nifty collaborative effort --can be viewed or downloaded here:

Download BaldEaglesintheMeadowlandsBeyondSoft.

Bald Eagles in the Meadowlands cover