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Monday Morning (Art) Mystery

On a recent trip to Philadelphia, Patty and I visited the Woodmere Art Museum in Chestnut Hill, a wonderful place with a wide range of sculpture, illustrations and fine art.

As with so many museums, the descriptions next to the art are sometimes wanting when it comes to bird identifications.  Like the painting above. I found it intriguing, but couldn't identify the bird. Can you?




Monday Jamaica Mystery Answered -- & More

IMG_1596 (1)On Monday I asked:

What is this (photographed this in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica)?

The answer: It is a pestle used to grind coffee the old-fashioned way. (You can see part of the pestle in the background.)

This place is said to make some of the greatest coffee in the world. We paid $25 for about a pound and a half -- it sells for $54 a pound in NYC, supposedly.

More on this amazing place here.


Jamaica Birding


On our trip to Jamaica, we stayed at Green Castle Estate, an eco-resort on the north coast that operates several reasonably priced birding-oriented weeks a year. 

Above is an old mill on the huge property, said to be one of the oldest structures in all of Jamaica. A Barn Owl hangs out inside from time to time, but not while we were there.

Below, birders in the group doing their thing. There were nine of us total.


Don't Miss Kevin Watson's Talk for Fyke

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.18.12 AM
Ace nature photographer and superb presentation-giver Kevin Watson writes:

 I'll be giving a FREE talk about, and showing lots of photos of, POLAR BEARS and PENGUINS, at 8 PM this coming Friday, March 22nd, at the Allendale Municipal Building, 500 West Crescent Ave, Allendale NJ 07401.

Here's a description:

The frozen polar regions of Planet Earth are home to two of its most iconic species: Polar Bears in the Arctic, and Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic. So familiar from movies, cartoons and commercials, these species are rarely seen in the wild by humans.

In 2018 birder and photographer Kevin Watson had the opportunity to travel both north and south, to watch and photograph Polar Bears and Emperors in their remote yet beautiful habitats.

We'll explore two realms of ice and ocean, at opposite ends of the planet, and the remarkable creatures that live there.