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2020 Celery Farm Calendar Photos Wanted!


Carol Flanagan writes:

Photos taken at the Celery Farm by Fyke members are being accepted now for the 2020 Celery Farm calendar.

There is a limit of 10 photos per person. The photos should be landscape format and high resolution. 

Non-cropped photos work best with the software used for the calendar.

Please send your photos as a .jpeg email attachment to by July 15. 

Cub Scouts Rescue CF Turtle

Image2 (1)
On Sunday, I noticed a bunch of young scouts and their parents by Lake Appert near the spillway. 

I wondered what they were doing. Now I know.

Saddle River Tiger Den 14,  Pack 252, leader Micahel Burton writes:

During our Nature Hike on Sunday, John Marciano Jr. of Den 6 (Pack 252) spotted what appeared to be the back end of a turtle ... sticking out of a submerged drainage pipe.

When we looked a little more closely, we realized that the adolescent turtle was lodged head-first in the pipe and couldn’t back-up against the current, in order to free itself.

With a little planning and teamwork, we managed to free the turtle and return it to the water.

There was a mature turtle waiting to greet it!

Our Scouts were super-excited to have played a role in saving the turtle from drowning!

(We spent some time talking about the fact that turtles have lungs and breath air.)

(Thanks, Scouts!)