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Celery Farm Is Closed Today

Following a long-standing policy established by Marsh Warden Emeritus Stiles Thomas, the Celery Farm Natural Area will be closed today, April 1, to give all newly arrived waterfowl time to plan for their upcoming stays at the sanctuary.

We asked bird expert Rob Fanning for his thoughts, and he said he was surprised that more natural areas haven't done the same.

Sorry if you were planning a visit, but policies are policies.

More information follows.



Happy April Fools Day!

Illegal Fishing at Lake Appert

7W0A2318 (800x533) (2)
Looks like someone -- or some folks -- are fishing illegally at the Celery Farm.

The way anyone can tell: They are getting their lines stuck in the trees and leaving their floats and line and lures behind.

Marsh Warden MikeLimatola and a small work crew plan to remove them this weekend.

If you see anyone fishing at the Celery Farm, please tell them it's illegal (and dangerous for any bird that gets snagged in the monofilament.

(Thanks to Alce Leurck for the photo.)

Monday Morning (Art) Mystery Answered

On Monday, I wrote:

On a recent trip to Philadelphia, Patty and I visited the Woodmere Art Museum in Chestnut Hill, a wonderful place with a wide range of sculpture, illustrations and fine art.

As with so many museums, the descriptions next to the art are sometimes wanting when it comes to bird identifications.  Like the painting above. I found it intriguing, but couldn't identify the bird. Can you?

Molly Gardener suggested it was perhaps a female Boat-tailed Grackle or some sort of thrush.

I used the Merlin Bird ID app and it agreed with Molly, sort of.

Merlin said the bird was a Rufous-backed Robin, a Pale-breasted Thrush, a Creamy-bellied Thrush, or an Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush. I checked images of those birds -- no luck. 

So my guess is that it is a composite thrush that represents all birds ... Thrushes are often known for their beautiful calls, which makes their passing all the more resonant.