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Monday Mystery Answered

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On Monday I wrote:

Near Pigeon Park in Old San Juan, came across this medium-sized lizard. Can anyone help with an ID?

(Same photo, wider angle below.) We saw all sorts of lizards of various sizes during our stay.

Julie McCall replied:

Green iguana (iguana iguana). I had two of those, too. 

I believe it's an introduced species in PR, much like the ones that can be found in Florida - escapees that then established a feral population because the climate is suitable.

"Ginnybean61" wrote:

Iguanas are dubbed the Puerto Rican squirrels. I just Googled them and see that people hunt them and eat them ...

(Thanks, Ginny.  A practical approach to invasive species. I just read where they are also called tree chickens there. Makin' me hungry.)

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