A Few Classic Blog Posts Featuring Lillian
Happy Gnu Year!

That CF Calendar Hawk

If you were fortunate enough to get a 2019 Celery Farm, I hope you are enjoying Miss January, a Red-shouldered Hawk that I photographed in the Celery Farm last January.

Red-shoulders are the signature raptor of the Celery Farm. They are an endangered species when nesting in New Jersey, and they have nested near the Celery Farm for almost two decades now.

A bunch of us even did a free e-book about the bird, which you can download for free here.

The photo-op was one of those rare occasions that the bird seemed to come to me.

I was looking out the window toward the Celery Farm on a snowy day. Motion to my right caught my eye, and I saw this Red-shoulder fly in. She waited until I could grab my camera and run outside, coatless, and take her photo.

I kept photographing until she finally flew off -- I needed to get a photo of her legs to see if she was banded. She wasn't.  (A band would have meant it was in all likelihood Laura the Red-shoulder.)