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Monday Mystery Answered

IMG_1146 (1)
Last Monday I asked: How many deer do you see in this photo, taken last week in the Celery Farm? (Click image to enlarge.)

Not the greatest pic, I know, but there are at least eight deer in it, including at least one lying down.  (There were 10 in the herd but couldn't get them all with one shot, so to speak.)




My New Column: Stiles Thomas

As most of you may know, Stiles & Lillian Thomas moved to Massachusetts this month after living in Allendale for more than 70 years -- and more than 95 years in Stiles' case.

To mark their departure, I wrote a tribute column for The Record. If the link is not here, it's because I'm traveling.

In the meantime, you can go to to and do a search -- or buy the Thursday paper.

In the photo above, Stiles is installing one of the hundreds of bluebird boxes that he put up all over North Jersey and beyond.