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Evicting Squirrels (It Never Ends)

_MG_0492Anyone who has a nest box for Screech Owls soon realizes one eternal truth: Squirrels are Bugs Bunny, and you are Elmer Fudd.

I have posted advice over the years about evicting squirrels. Since right about now seems to be a peak time for squirrels squatting in owl boxes, I thought I'd try again with a summary of techniques I've learned.

1.  Most important:  Evict the squirrel and get rid of all the leaves he has crammed in there. If you see a squirrel bringing leaves into the box, wait till the end of the day and then clean out the box. Rinse and repeat, weekly if necessary.

_MG_0490The squirrel will give up. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but he will give up before early March, when Screech Owls start thinking about nesting.

2. If the squirrel is in the nest box when you want to clean out the nesting materials, bring a long stick with you and whack the box. Nothing like surprising him and forcing him to leave in a hurry to make a big impression.

3. I hate to say it, but take down your bird feeder if it's anywhere near the owl box. Like chipmunks, squirrels like to live near easy access to food.

In summary: Make life as difficult s you can for the squirrel. He can live anywhere. Screech Owls need nesting cavities more than he does.

Yours Truly,

Elmer F.