Some Pix from Stiles and Sis' Send-off
A Few Classic Blog Posts Featuring Lillian

A Few Classic Blog Posts W/Stiles

Sties with binosI thought one of the best ways to ring out 2018 would be with a look back at some of my blog posts featuring Stiles Thomas.

One of my favorites is Stiles' Celery Farm checklist for 2006, the first year of the blog.  Stiles had 175 species and defeated Fred Weber on a technicality: Stiles pointed out that Fred did not have his list notarized. (What was Fred thinking?)  You can see Stiles' actual list here.

Photos of Stiles' best carved snake ever (possibly) are here.

A 36-year-old poem about Stiles is here.

The classic "Birder's Dirge" poem by Stiles is here.

A video of Stiles' releasing Laura, a rehabilitated Red-shouldered Hawk, is here.