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October 2018

White-crowned @ White's Pond

Barbara Dilger writes:

I went to White's Pond this morning for a look around and had some pretty good birds there.

Besides Purple Finch, Palm and YR Warblers, the Kingfisher being harassed by the Blue Jay, I was also happy to see an immature WC Sparrow!

My first ever in Waldwick.

Although they have torn down so many trees near the waterfall, you can still get some nice birds there, in the trees and grasses and in the water.

More on White-crowned Sparrows here.  (Thanks, Barbara!)

My Column: All about Snipe -- and Snipers

IMG_5289My latest column is all about Wilson's Snipe, featuring an interview with ace birder/author Rick Wright (no relation) of Bloomfield.

Rick leads tours for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours --  including birds and art tours in Guatemala, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Denmark, and Austria next year.

I took this photo a year ago on Oct. 18 at Crestwood Lake, a great spot to spot snipe.

The column explains why snipe are such a cool bird, and how snipers got their name.

The link is here.