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View from High Mountain -- Wild Turducken!

IMG_9821Did a quick hike to the summit of High Mountain yesterday with a couple of friends.

Great view as always. Above is a view of North Jersey from the summit, with Manhattan in the distance.

Saw a Wild Turducken on its home turf and was able to photograph it. Also heard a few of the tightly knit flock calling.

And enjoyed a small waterfall on the return trip.

(A special thanks to Carol Flanagan for creating the facsimile of the legendary Wild Turduckens of High Mountain pictured here (Thanks, Carol!)

I will try to post my story about Wild Turduckens between now and Thanksgiving.


Big Things Happening at Audubon's Homestead

Stopped by the Audubon Homestead outside of Philly near Valley Forge this week to see how all the work  is coming along.

(This is a great place to explore if you're near there.)

The house itself (above) is fully renovated, and work is underway on the John James Audubon Center for Art and Conservation at Mill Grove. It should open next summer.

A link to the entire website is here.

A link to info on the new art center is here.


Last Week's Raptor Mystery Answered

Monday Mystery MG_8338Last week Stiles Thomas asked, "Can you I.D. this raptor?"

Stiles said that if anyone said it was a Sharpie, tell them it was a Cooper's. And vice versa. 

But they are replica Sharpie legs. 

If it weren't for the way the photo was cropped, you could see how sharp the shins were, theoretically.

Thanks to all who answered!