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My New Column: Here Come the Snipe

Chatty Fish Crow in Action

IMG_3990  10-12-18 WM(1)
Gotta love Fish Crows, because North Jersey sure has a ton of them these days.

Bob Leafe, a friend of this blog who provied the photo for my recent column on Fish Crows, writes:

Last Friday afternoon, I started hearing a very close-by fish crow doing calls and responses with a distant bird.
It turns out that this bird was on my bedroom A/C - Hammy's old perch.

I didn't dare stick my head out of the other bedroom window because I knew he'd book. There was no good light on him and I was guessing where he was, getting only side views.

When I had enough, I went through the pix and noticed that - in some off the pictures - the bird apparently noticed my camera and part of my arm sticking out the window and directed his comments towards them. The responses continued.

I really wish this happened in the morning when the sun would have been on him.............what a cool shot that would have been! That mouth!

I did what I could without completely washing it out, but when I think of what it could have been . . .
As a Fish Crow might say, "Uh-huh!"