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All about all that CF Aquatic Vegetation

As you may know, we've had an over-abundance of vegetation in and on Lake Appert these past few months.
Deputy Marsh Warden Gaby Schmitt decided to find out whether the plants were natives or invasives. She writes:
I stopped by the CF this afternoon to pull some aquatic mystery plant samples and bring to Jean Epiphan at Thielke Arboretum. I grabbed one sample of the "kelp" we've been pulling and another of the plant in the stream, near where that big tree fell into our neighbors' yard.
The good news: the plant growing under our Duckweed is not Eurasian Milfoil but Coontail (aka Coon's Tail or Hornwort, or Cerstophyllum demersum). It is not considered an invasive. For more information see:
I copied you on Jean's email about the stream plant - Callitriche heterophylla - a more definitive ID should be possible when I can take some spring and/or summer samples. Also not considered an invasive.
Floating Pennywort - Hyrdocotyle ranunculoides -  it's a member of the carrot family
It's not an invasive species in the US; it's actually an endangered species in three states - Illinois, New York and New Jersey!
In the case if the Celery Farm this summer, it was likely too much of a good thing.
Although several volunteers helped remove huge amounts, there's still plenty around.  (Thanks, Gaby!)