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September 2018

Tree Removal and Duckweed Demolition

A big thank you to Fred Weber for cutting down the tree that fell on the path.

Meanwhile, I took a rake to the duckweed jam at the Spillway on Wednesday and Thursday . Igot much of it to exit with all the recent rainwater  -- just in time, as the stormwater is flowing backward into Lake Appert in a major way once again. Trails look very wet.


How Some Odd Fish Came to Lake Appert

Img089 (2)
Ralph Scafuro, who grew up in Allendale, was kind enough to share a few memories regarding the pet supply business located on what is now Meadow Lane.

My Uncle Victor had an aquarium supply business there called Perma-Life in the 195os & '6os, which he sold to Long-Life.

I think they raised goldfish in the ponds there.  I can picture large nets scooping them out, but that just may be my imagination.

There were several buildings. They kept dozens of tanks of tropical fish in the first building. 

Another was a greenhouse for aquarium plants, one for dry goods & offices.

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My Fyke Talk Is Friday Night

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I am kicking off Fyke's 2018-19 lineup of speakers on Friday with a talk and slide show about my Bird Watcher column, now in its 10th year for The Record.

I'll talk about some of my most recent columns and a few all-time favorites, and some of the rare birds and odd ducks along the way.

Do you have a question for the Bird Watcher (preferably humorous)? Email me at

As a bonus, Celery Farm Marsh Warden emeritus Stiles Thomas will unveil his his most recent carving. You won't believe it!  Stiles says that only a fool would miss this.

The talk, at Allendale Borough Hall,  is free and open to the public, and follows a short business meeting that begins at 8 p.m.

With a little luck, free refreshments will be served afterward.


CF Stick Jam Cleanout

Marsh Wardens Mike Limatola,  Fred Weber and I attacked the big clog of mud, leaves, rocks, sticks and a tree trunk at the bridge by the Franklin Turnpike parking lot yesterday.

We got it done just in time for the water to flow better during today's nasty rains.

We also leveled a nasty (non-native) Burning Bush. The tree trunk took a come-along to remove.

Thanks, Mike (who also took the before and after photos) and Fred!