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Monday Morning (Owl) Mystery

New Video about Hawk-Watching

Tom Nicastri did a cool new video about Hawk-watching,  featuring a lot of familiar faces -- including that Red-shouldered Hawk above.

He writes:

It is my hope this will be passed around electronically and the fun aspect will bring more participation in hawk watching and birding. 

Local Hawk Watching (A Zero Dollar Production)

Digitally recorded on location  at Montclair, Raccoon Ridge, Mount Peter and State Line Lookout in New Jersey, and in Pennsylvania at Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania.

Featuring “friends of the birds”

0:00:27  -  Mother Nature’s  Migration Timeline

0:01:53  -  Liam Hart (Montclair)  intro to hawk watching and the finer points of being a successful bird

0:10:59  -  Jack McCormack and Brian Butler field notes from the top of Raccoon Ridge

0:16:25  -  Ajit Antony and Linda at  Mount Peter describe the rewards for persistent hawk watching.

0:20:28  -  Gil Hawkins intro to the Alpine State Line hawk watch and the mysteries of birding. This is a wheelchair friendly hawk watch

0:22:07  -  Chris Takacs   Chasing the birds and “the birding vibe”

0:26:26  -  Kevin Watson photography - On location counting and capturing the photos we love.

0:30:52  -  Jim Wright  with Hawk Mountain history and unstoppable heroine Rosalie Edge

0:33:30  -  David Barber and the Hawk Mountain migration experience

Feel free to distribute this video link to other potential hawk watchers.

 ** No birders were injured making this video.