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My Birding Column: The Egg and I

JW turkey vulture
My birding column for The Record is a change of pace, since it involves something I found in my front yard, and why we birders (and human beings) tend to get things wrong, even when they are obvious.

   Here's the beginning:

  I am sharing the following true story to:

  A.) Embarrass myself

  B.) Offer an instructive tale.

  C.) Both of the above.

  D.) None of the above.

 The answer, as you’ll see, is “B,” though “A” certainly applies. Here goes.

 The story began early last month, when my wife and I saw turkey vultures and black vultures hanging out on a barn across the street from our home in Allendale.

   We thought that was great. Vultures -- nature’s garbage disposal system -- are cool and unusual. And they are so ugly (by most human standards) that they’re always fun to watch.

  What’s more, we suspected the vultures might be entering the barn up by the rafters, and we commented that it would be most excellent if a pair nested there.

   Fast forward two weeks. One afternoon, I looked in our front yard and found a giant egg-shaped object in the mulch. ...

A photo of the egg alongside a replica Bald Eagle eagle egg is below.

A link when is here. If you have another theory as to what kind of egg it is, let me know.