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July 2018

Bridge Work at the Celery Farm

IMG_8573                        Before

  IMG_8710          After

A big thank you to Ken Wiegand for the bridge replacement and bridge repairs at the Celery Farm.

The biggest upgrade is the new bridge near Barking Dog Corner.

Ken also did repairs to the long bridge south of Barking Dog the same day. Earlier he fixed the bridge way up near the industrial park.

(Thank you, Ken!)




Celery Farm Oriental Weatherfish Update


Earlier this year, thanks to a Monday Morning Mystery photo by Walt Staab (above), I discovered that what folks thought were eels in Lake Appert were actually an invasive species called Oriental Weatherfish.

I contacted the state Department of Environmental Protection's Mark Boriek about addressing the problem. He writes:

Last week, I was in the area so I took a lap on the perimeter trail of Lake Appert.

I'm certain that we could not launch our big, heavy trailered electrofishing boat.

Even if we were able to launch it, the lake is too shallow for us to motor around. 

 From one of the towers, I saw a Great Blue Heron standing in the middle,...…...maybe 1.5' deep.

 Nearby, I saw the dorsal fin/upper body of a big carp above the water line.

 Backpack electrofishing wouldn't be any better. With the soft bottom we would sink in knee deep, or deeper.

 Your best bet is to trap them.

 And, with any method there's no way to get every last one out.

 As you know, herons eat them, as do fish, snapping turtles, etc. Trapping, at best, may reduce their numbers.

 (Thanks, Mark!)

Meadowlands Moth Night Is Tonight


Don’t forget to register for Moth Night!  The free event takes place tonight  (Tuesday, July 24), from 8:30 to 10 p.m. at DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst.

The program features a talk by moth expert Elena Tartaglia on the importance of these amazing, lesser-known cousins of butterflies.

You’ll gain a new perspective on the misunderstood creatures and how they benefit the environment.

The event also features kid’s activities both during and after the talk, including painting trees to attract moths.

The event is sponsored by the NJSEA and the Bergen County Audubon Society and is part of National Moth Week.

To register click here.

Fish Crow Week Part II: Opening a Letter

This is Fish Crow Week on this blog, featuring some unusual Fish Crow photos by Bob Leafe of Hackensack.

Today, Bob writes:

From my apartment, I saw this in the parking lot behind my building. It was about a half-block away and 7 floors down, so the pix are small.

From what I could tell, a fish crow got a letter, couldn't open it and a sharper-beaked friend stepped/flew in to help.
Normal stuff, right?
Part I of Fish Crow Week -- a mystery -- is here.