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More About Barbara Dilger's Banded Osprey

Osprey  cf 42318 aaaDSC_0092_cropBarbara Dilger, who photographed  a banded Osprey at the Celery Farm in April, writes:

I received an email from the gentleman who banded the baby osprey that I photographed recently at the Celery Farm - 04D.  
He said that they spotted him the other day back at the Barnegat Bay, where he (he thinks it is a male) was hatched two years ago. 
He also believes it is one of the birds that has a successful nest nearby, which he will try to confirm. 

It is exciting to think that he made it all the way up to Allendale from his migration south of the border and now is back to his birthplace and possibly starting his own family. 

The link to the original post is here.