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Monday Morning Mystery 072318: Fish Crows

IMG_8987  7-21-18Welcome to Fish Crow Week on this blog, featuring three days of photos by Bob Leafe, an incredible photographer who has taken some great bird photos from his apartment in Hackensack.

Bob writes:

This metal thing sits on a chimney on my roof. It's where I've shot lots of birds.

On Saturday, I saw a pair of Fish Crows perched on it (THAT'S a first).

One of them had something in its beak that looked like nesting material.

At one point, they both hopped into the chimney. Later, one came out. Is this normal activity for Fish Crows?

In 30 years, I've never seen any bird hop into the chimney, let alone build a nest there.

What do you think? (Thanks, Bob.)

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