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Fish Crows Part III: My Column

Fish Crow 2 Howard Eskin
My new column for The Record features an interview with corvid expert and Fyke speaker Rick Radis -- all about the amazing Fish Crow.

I was fortunate to obtain two cool Fish Crow photos for the column.

The one above is by Howard Eskin, a long-time New Jersey birder and friend and mentor to many. He died last year, and I wanted to include it in tribute to him.

The shot below is by Bob Leafe, who photographed it from his apartment is Hackensack.

A link to the column is here. (Thanks, Rick, Howard and Bob!)

 Part I of Fish Crow Week -- a mystery -- is here.
Part II of Fish Crow Week -- crows opening an envelope -- is here.

Fish crow 8-12-17 Bob Leafe