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Butterflies & Blooms at the Kay Center

The Nature Conservancy's Kay Center in Chester Township has a beautiful butterfly garden, and so does nearby Willowwood.

Tom Mitchell visited both recently and took some great shots, including the one above.

Tom writes:

We walked around the meadow at the Kay Center this morning and then went to Willowwood. 

The milkweek and bergamot are not yet in bloom at the Kay Center and there were few butterflies, but we did see a monarch laying eggs and a few tiger swallowtails and frittilaries. 

And of course that's a great place to see indigo buntings.  There's a robin photo that's the last one at the Kay Center and a very worn red admiral that's the first one at Willowwood. 

We saw a pretty good variety of species by the end of the day.

You can view them here. Definitely worth a look. (Thanks, Tom!)