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Removing an Outmoded Dam

I was going to post the photo below as a Monday Morning Mystery but thought it too dang obscure, even by my warped standards. It's a piece of the Columbia Lake Dam, an outmoded hydroelectric dam that The Nature Conservancy and its many partners having been working intensely to remove.

The dam isn't gone yet but its days are numbered, and it will be a boon to the watershed and to migratory fish and eels.

You can read more here.



Fish Crows Part III: My Column

Fish Crow 2 Howard Eskin
My new column for The Record features an interview with corvid expert and Fyke speaker Rick Radis -- all about the amazing Fish Crow.

I was fortunate to obtain two cool Fish Crow photos for the column.

The one above is by Howard Eskin, a long-time New Jersey birder and friend and mentor to many. He died last year, and I wanted to include it in tribute to him.

The shot below is by Bob Leafe, who photographed it from his apartment is Hackensack.

A link to the column is here. (Thanks, Rick, Howard and Bob!)

 Part I of Fish Crow Week -- a mystery -- is here.
Part II of Fish Crow Week -- crows opening an envelope -- is here.

Fish crow 8-12-17 Bob Leafe

Butterfly Event in Chester, NJ

Tom Mitchell and I are among the photographers at The Nature Conservancy's Kay Center in Chester for a free event on Saturday, Aug. 4, from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Here's TNC's blurb on the event. (That's one of Tom's Kay Center photos above.)

Nature Photography in the Garden

Elizabeth Kay Environmental Center
200 Pottersville Road
Chester, NJ 07930

Capture the perfect shot of the fluttering wings of a butterfly, the golden glow of sunlight on a Coneflower petal, or the colorful interplay of garden flowers. Nature photographers share their expertise and display their work in the Butterfly Garden at the Kay Center.

To register for this free event, click here.  Or go to the Facebook page here. (While supplies last.)

To see some of Tom Mitchell's photos at the Kay Center, click here.