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June 2018

Monday Mystery Answered (?)

CaterpillarOn Monday, I wrote:

Saw this hungry little caterpillar near the CF a little while back.

Can anyone I.D. it? I can make a vague guess.

I realized the photo wasn't the most helpful, but that was the hand I was dealt. It reminded me of some Tussock Moth caterpillars I'd seen, probably in the Meadowlands.

Jill Brown thought the same thing.  I'll have to go along with Jill. (Thanks, Jill!)
Here's another view...

Fred's Butterfly Field @ Green Way

Fred Weber has been working on the field at Green Way for ages, planting native plants that attract butterflies and waging a lonely war against Mile-a-Minute and Porcelainberry. (Thanks, Fred!)

The milkweed is blooming (below), and though we saw few butterflies yesterday, Fred thinks they'll start showing up in greater numbers in two or three weeks.

I love Fred's Celery Farm cap. I do not think he's willing to sell it.