Monday Morning Mystery 051418
Celery Farm Warbler Trifecta

Wave Hill on a Cloudy Mother's Day

NYC Audubon's Gabriel Willow leads a great bird walk at Wave Hill in the Bronx on the second Sunday of the month (he also gives a terrific talk for Fyke every year).

The best walk of the year, bird-wise is (naturally) the second Sunday in May -- Mother's Day.

I finally got chance to join the walk this May, and there were a lot of excellent but tough-to-see warblers on a very cloudy morning. Plus a very insistent No. Mockingbird and a very cool mushroom.

Added treats were an exhibition of Gabriel's unusual paintings of Heath Hens and Passenger Pigeons and other extinct local birds in Wave Hill House, and another gallery of bird art in the Glyndor Gallery at the South End of Wave Hill, a terrific place.